Geoparque Unesco

Articles of Association


Article I. Intend.

The Sobrarbe Geopark County Advisory Board is an independent organism with legal personality, own assets and enough legal capacity to achieve its purpose, according to the article 85.3.b) in the Law 7/1985, passed on 2nd April, ruling the Local Regime Code.

Article II. Legal Scope.

The County Advisory Board will be governed according to these Articles of Association and according to the article 85 bis) in the Law 7/1985, passed on 2nd April, ruling the Local Regime Code; to the art. 208 in the Law 7/1999, passed on 9th April, on Aragon Local Administration; to the Law 5/2003, passed on 26th February, on the Sobrarbe Count constitution, as well as according to other Laws regarding Local Regime Rule and to the agreements stated by the County.

Article III. Domicile.

The headquartes of the Sobrarbe Geopark County Advisory Board resides at Plaza del Castillo, Torre Nordeste, Aínsa (Huesca).

Article IV. Name and duration.

The name of this advisory board is "Patronato Comarcal del Geoparque de Sobrarbe" (Sobrarbe Geopark County Advisory Board).

The duration of the Advisory Board will be valid for an indefinite period of time, until its dissolution.

Article V. Purposes.

The purposes of this Advisory Board are:

  • To promote geotourism in the Sobrarbe Geopark.
  • To promote geology in Sobrarbe County, as well as its research and preservation.
  • To improve the quality of tourism in Sobrarbe County, in relation to the Geopark geological resources.
  • The education on and popularization of environmental issues in relation to the Geopark geological resources


Article VI. Governmental Bodies.

The government and management of the Advisory Board, for the achievement of its purposes, will be commissioned by:

  • The President.
  • The Board of Directors.

Article VII. The President of the Advisory Board.

The President of the Advisory Board will be the Sobrarbe County President or the person appointed by him./p>

Article VIII. The Board of Directors of the Advisory Board.

The Board of Directors, executive organ of the Advisory Board, will have the following members:

  • The President, the Sobrarbe County President or the person appointed by him.
  • Members of the Sobrarbe County Territorial Planning and Development Advisory Board
  • The Geopark Scientific Coordinator.
  • The Geopark Manager, being the Sobrarbe County Manager as well.
  • A representative from the Sobrarbe Tourism Association.
  • The Environmental Department Director of the Aragón Government.
  • The Industry, Commerce and Tourism Department Director of the Aragon Government.
  • The Education, Culture and Sport Department Director of the Aragon Government.
  • One representative from the Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park.
  • One representative from the Sierra and Cañones de Guara Nature Reserve.
  • One representative from the Posets-Maladeta Natural Park.
  • One expert from Barcelona Autonomous University, Geology Faculty.
  • One expert from Saragossa University, Geology Faculty.
  • A representative from the Sobrarbe Research Centre.
  • A representative from the Foundation for the Bearded Vulture Preservation.
  • A representative from the Citizenship Forum "Forum 21" from Sobrarbe Agenda


Article IX. Powers of the Advisory Board President.

The President is empowered to:

  • Represent the Advisory Board and its bodies.
  • Call, chair, cancel and finish ordinary and extraordinary meetings of the Board of Directors, chair the debates and break the deadlock with its qualified vote.
  • Execute and implement the agreements made by the Advisory Board.
  • Propose to the Advisory Board and inform on any measure and project which could be of interest.
  • Authorize to move funds of the Advisory Board, as well as to open bank accounts.
  • Provisionally approve the annual settlement of estimated payments.
  • Other powers assigned by the Board of Directors of the Advisory Board, or by the Local Councils, according to the Law.

Article X. Powers of the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors is empowered to:

  • Provisionally approve the working plan and agenda of the Advisory Board.
  • Provisionally approve the annual budget and accounts of the Advisory Board.
  • Survey the proper performance of the goals entrusted to the Advisory Board.
  • Modify the approved budget and/or agenda.
  • Propose the modification of the Articles of Association.
  • Any other qualified issue of any interest to the Advisory Board requiring deliberation by the Board of Directors.


Article XI. Powers of the Secretary..

The Secretary is empowered to:

  • Attend the Advisory Board and Board of Directors Meetings acting as Secretary, with the right to speak in debate but without a vote.
  • Write the minutes of the meetings that are held by the collegiate bodies and authorized by the President, with their respective signatures, being approved during the next held meeting.
  • Notify the Advisory Board and the Board of Directors Meetings with due notice, attaching the agenda and the minutes of the previous meeting.
  • Guard the documentation of the Advisory Board.
  • Ensure the implementation of the agreements and decisions made by the Advisory Board bodies.
  • Carry out the necessary management in order to achieve the goals set in the Articles of Association.
  • Act according to the powers assigned by the Advisory Board Bodies.

Article XII. Board of Directors Meetings

The Board of Directors will hold its meetings at its registered domicile. The meetings will be ordinary or extraordinary, in first or second calling.

The Board of Directors will hold ordinary meetings six-monthly, and extraordinary meetings at any time the President calls for them:/p>

  • As self-initiative.
  • At the request of half of the members of the Board of Directors with vote.

In both cases, the request will include the causes justifying the call of the extraordinary meeting.

Article XIII. Proceedings at the meetings

In order to consider a meeting as valid, in its first or second calling, the majority of the members should attend the meeting, and this quorum should be maintained during the whole meeting. No meeting will be held without the attendance of the President and the Secretary, or those legally appointed by them.

The second calling will be held half an hour after the time of the first calling.

Article XIV. Agreements and quorum

Agreements will be made with the simple majority of votes of those attending the meeting.

In case there is a tie in the number of votes, members will vote once again, and in case there is still a tie, the President's qualified vote will break the deadlock.

Article XV. Agenda

The agenda of the meetings will be approved by the President and it will be handed to the members of the governmental bodies with at least 48 hours' notice, except in urgent cases, which will be assessed by the President and included in the agenda in the first place together with his declaration for or against.


Article XVI. The Advisory Board Resources.

The County Advisory Board relies on the following incomes in order to achieve its goals:

  • The County annual contribution.
  • The interest from its bank accounts.
  • Subsidies, subventions and donations received from any public or private entity or from any person.
  • Any other kind of legal fundraising.

In reference to its assets, they are:

  • Any personal and/or real property assigned by the County in order to achieve its goals. The property will preserve its original legal qualification, so it will not be required that the property is granted to the entity.
  • Any donations, legacy and/or security granted by any public or private entity or person.
  • Any goods legally acquired by purchase or free of charge.

Article XVII. Inventory.

There will be an inventory specifying the totality of the properties of the County Advisory Board, according to the Decree 347/2002, passed on 19th November, by the Government of Aragon, approving the Rules for Properties, Activities, Services and Building Works of the Local Entities in Aragon.


Article XX. Dissolution.

The Advisory Board could be dissolved due to the following causes:

  • With a simple majority of the votes of the Board of Directors of the Advisory Board, confirmed by the County Council.
  • With the absolute majority of the votes of the Sobrarbe County Council.

Article XXI. Liquidation.

In the case that the Advisory Board is dissolved, its properties will be at the complete disposal of Sobrarbe County.


Article XXII. Guardianship.

The Sobrarbe County Council, as an independent body, is appointed as the guardian of the Sobrarbe County Geopark Advisory Board. This power will be executed by means of its governmental bodies and according to the law.

This power of guardianship will be executed as follows:

  • 1. The Sobrarbe County Council will be responsible for the approval of:
    • The working plan and the activities of the Advisory Board.
    • The budget of the Advisory Board.
    • The balance sheet and settlement of the annual accounts.
    • Issues related to its facilities and staff.
  • 2. The Sobrarbe County Council will be responsible for the authorization to:
    • Acquire assets by the Advisory Board.
    • Request loans or credits of any kind.
    • Associate with other independent entities, as well as the provisions held by agreement.
  • 3. The Sobrarbe County Council must be notified of:

    • The agreements made during the meetings of the Advisory Board governmental bodies.
    • The activities annual memory.


Article 23º. Validity and Modification.

These articles of association will be valid for an indefinite period of time, until the dissolution of…Sobrarbe Geopark Advisory Board or until their modification.

Articles of association will be modified::

a) By decision made by the Advisory Board, according to a simple majority of the legal number of its members.

In any case the procedure for the modification of the Articles of Association will follow the same steps as the procedure for their approval.

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