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Stratigraphic Column of Sobrarbe

General stratigraphic column of Sobrarbe.

The Earth’s History, from the first half of the Palaeozoic (more than 500 million years ago) until now, is recorded with some interruptions in the rocks in Sobrarbe. If we could collect all the rocks formed in this region and arrange them from the oldest to the newest, it would form a column more than 10Km (6 miles) high.

The complete stratigraphic succession of the county shows a tecto-sedimentary division where three basic units are clearly recognized.

Over the Hercynian succession of the base, we can distinguish a pre-orogeny succession stretching from the Permian-Triassic to the Late Cretaceous, specifically to the Middle Santonian, its top being located at the formation of the Brecha de Campo.

This pre-orogeny succession is constituted by materials deposited in a basin essentially distensive (from Cenomanian up to Middle Santonian). Over this succession, we find a contemporary (without-orogeny) succession with the main stages of the Alpide orogeny, from Late Cretaceous and Tertiary up to Miocene.

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