Geoparque Unesco

General tectonic framework

Above the Paleozoic period, Mesozoic and Paleozoic rock successions are deformed by dipping faults.

We can distinguish two different dipping faults systems, a lower one on the base involving specially the Paleozoic succession, and an upper one on top involving the Mesozoic and Paleogene successions. .

The South-central Pyrenees have a distinguishing ESE-WNW structural orientation. Nevertheless, we find structures tending to cross north-south in some areas. These N-S structures are especially important in understanding the folding of the Pyrenees in the County.

On the whole, these N-S structures have been interpreted as the surface of the lateral slopes of thrusting layers that moved southwards. In Sobrarbe County, the N-S structures on top represent the connection between the ENE-WSW orientated ones in the north-west and those equally orientated in the south-east.

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