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Mining Heritage

Cobalt and nickel mines in Yerri

Remains of ancient mining works.
Municipality: San Juan de Plan

In the area of Yerri, we find the remains of old mining works and mineralization associated with cobalt and nickel. This place is orientated NE-NNE from San Juan de Plan, 2km away from the village in straight line.

This area can be accessed by the Sinners Bridge (Puente de los Pecadores) near San Juan de Plan, and then following the path around Farar, heading towards the Sen Gorge, where we find the stoke depot of the mines

Ancient mining area in Yerri, near the village of San Juan de Plan.

Geological Context

Nickel and cobalt that were extracted here are found amongst the carbonate materials from the Devonian period, which are part of the dipping fault structure of the Pyrenean Axial Area.

The few scientific studies carried out in this area have not been able to determine the morphology of these minerals, since accessing the mines is very difficult. Nevertheless, it appears that nickel and cobalt form seams within ankerite and siderite blocks.

Geological Significance

Its importance lies in the fact that there are few cobalt mineralizations in Spain. Among those 4 or 5 sites, we find San Juan de Plan and the small mine in the eastern slope of the Gallinero Peak. As a consequence, being able to observe minerals such as Cobaltite and Nickeline in this area make this a reference site..

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