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R.2. Around Boltaña and Morcat

Route 2. Boltaña - Campodarbe - Morcat - Sieste - Boltaña

Along this route, we can observe rocks formed between 49 and 28.5 million years ago. The exceptions to this rule are the rocks by the river that were deposited during more recent periods. Those rocks were formed both in continental environments, like clays, sandstones and fluvial conglomerates, and in marine environments, like limestones formed by the seashore and sandstones and marlstones formed at the bottom of the sea.

The first information panel along this route tells us about sandstones, whereas the second one gives us some clues to help us recognize their formation in deep marine environments. Other information panels, near Silves by the detour V.2.2 , tell us about how the weather, extremely cold in this case, and animals can influence the formation and features of these rocks. .

UTM ED50 31 T: 254766 4703646 / 255173 4703825 / 257579 4700341 / 254197 4697213

Route map highlighting the points of geological interest along Route 2. Boltaña-Campodarbe-Morcat-Sieste-Boltaña.

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