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VI Certamen Fotográfico del Geoparque.

Convened the VI Photo Contest Sobrarbe Geopark

The Sobrarbe Geopark announces the V edition of the Photo Contest Sobrarbe Geopark, under the theme "The legacy of glaciers in Sobrarbe Geopark".

The landscape of northern Sobrarbe is largely the work of glaciers. Ice has worked at our mountains during the Quaternary and its legacy is evident before our eyes.

Glacial cirques on header framed by sharp edges, large troughs or U-shaped valleys, hanging small troughs on the main valleys... all speaks to us ice. A detailed scale, fluted or polished rocks and moraine numerous cords are also heritage rivers of ice.

And do not forget that Sobrarbe still has one of the last Spanish glaciers, the southernmost of Europe. Under tops of Treserols or Llardana, small ice masses showing their bergschrunds still survive and cracks. We propose, in this event, gather the best images of the glacier landscape Sobrarbe Geopark. One more chance to understand the origin of our mountains.

The deadline for submission of photos will end on May 9, 2014 at 15:00 h.

You can view and download the bases in:

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