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"Nivology and avalanches and how to behave in the winter mountain",

The Sobrarbe Geopark has started its annual activities on Saturday January 23, with a talk on "Nivology and avalanches and how to behave in the winter mountain", given by Jorge García-Dihinx, at 18:30 in the Auditorium "Pedro Santorromán" headquarters of the Sobrarbe County in Boltaña, with free admission. The activity was very well received with
140 attendees who completed the capacity of the room.

The Sobrarbe Geopark mountains are already finally covered with snow, and to enjoythem safely, it has organized this activity that aims to inform, educate and raise awareness of geological hazards, in this case about avalanches.

Jorge García-Dihinx, an expert of the subject, is the author of the blog "La Meteo que viene" and two volumes of "Ski routes in the Spanish Pyrenees". His presentation lasted an hour and a half, divided into two parts. First he introduced us to the existing myths and truths about avalanches, how to know the conditions of stability or instability and how to behave in mountain to trace safely.

The second part dealt about how to interpret the scale of avalanches, file avalanche victims of Catalan IGC, how to interpret avalanche bulletins and how to behave in case of suffering an avalanche to recue a partner.

Avda. Ordesa 79. 22340 Boltaña. Huesca. 974 518 025.