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Video about the geological history of Pyrenees-Monte Perdido

The Sobrarbe Geopark, together with the Pyrenees National Park, has made this video about the geological history of Pyrenees-Monte Perdido, within the project of cross-border cooperation Pyrenees-Monte Perdido, World Heritage, with the collaboration of the National Park Ordesa and Monte Perdido.

"Pyrenees-Monte Perdido" is a cross-border territory that Sobrarbe share with our French neighbors in the valleys of Gèdre, Gavarnie and Aragnouet and that since 1997 has been declared World Heritage by UNESCO for its cultural landscape, illustration of own modes of life of mountain areas, as well as its unique geological features.

Therefore "Pyrenees-Monte Perdido" is classified as World Heritage by both natural and cultural criteria and with the added of being a transboundary well. Worldwide, a total of 1,007 World Heritage sites and some of them with the characteristics to be mixed and cross-border, like Pyrenees-Monte Perdido, there is only 1 more, the Parc Maloti-Drakensberg (South Africa and Lesotho).

This video has been made with the aim of divulgating the impressive geology of this well inscribed on the World Heritage List. This will allow us to help understand the formation of the Pyrenees and the landscape that we now enjoy.


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