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Begin the second édition of the program "EXCAVE witz Sobrarbe Geoparks

Begin the second édition of the program "EXCAVE witz Sobrarbe Geoparks"

Four Citizen May participante in an archaeological excavation in Tella.

On Saturday July 5 begins the second edition of this program. This is to bring citizens the geological and archaeological heritage of our country, as well as the techniques and methodology used by the research teams.

Four people have been selected by lot to enjoy this experience of fieldwork in an archaeological site of Sobrarbe.

They come from Barbastro, Huesca, Cubelles and Sobrarbe and will integrate into the research team led by archaeologists:

  • Ignacio Clemente, Scientist in the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology Milà Fontanals Institution (IMF) of the Higher Council for Scientific Research.

  • Javier Rey Lanaspa, provincial archaeologist from Huesca. Department of Education, University, Culture and Sports of the Government of Aragón.

  • Ermengol Gassiot Ballbè, professor and secretary of the Department of Prehistory at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

In prior years, caving groups collected abundant surface materials (ceramic vessels, mills and polished axes) at this site. In 2011 it took place the first drilling in which several archaeological materials Bronze Neolithic levels recovered. In 2013 a new drilling deepening over six stratigraphic units was performed. Due to the discovery of several landslides, the lower levels have not been reached, but the archaeological team handles the hypothesis that the first occupations may be older.

In this new action they will continue this exciting work, carrying out an archaeological dig in extension that will deepen the social organization of space.

All information is available in

For more information please contact the Heritage Service Sobrarbe,
phone 974 518 025 or

Avda. Ordesa 79. 22340 Boltaña. Huesca. 974 518 025.